Declutter yourself calm again!

There's no getting away from it; a disorganised, cluttered home is stressful! Living surrounded by stuff that you've outgrown, out-used or just haven't got round to sorting out, makes your life at least 10 times harder than it needs to be. 

Please Organise Me are experts at sorting stuff out. And when we say out we mean it. In the last four years we have taken away the equivalent of 78 tons of stuff from over 100 homes and businesses! But we're not here to show off our chucking-out skills. Our skill is in working with you to create a clutter and stress free environment, so you can get on with enjoying your life. We think we're rather good at it too. But don't take our word for it: 

“Decluttering with Rachel is fun, fast and fruitful. Not only does she make this chore an enjoyable experience, she can often reduce your costs by selling items for you on eBay and saves you time by taking other items to charity shops.” Jenny Ringo  – SE21

We tackle every room. No job is too big or too small. No wonder we are known as the 4th emergency service! 

Bedroom - A bedroom should be a calm and restful sanctuary. This one was in a state of chaos with clothes and office filing vying for limited space. The client wanted help to make it feel contemporary and stress free but felt this was impossible. We worked together for a total of twelve hours, spread over two weeks.  Working this way meant it didn't feel like an overwhelming experience but an exciting new way of discovering how the room could work for them. The client told me her sleep improved as a result of our efforts.  An added bonus: the project was part funded by the sale of unwanted items on eBay.

If the state of your bedroom is keeping you up at night, then clearly it’s not doing what it’s meant to do.  We relish the opportunity of sorting through people’s jumbled possessions, identifying what has a rightful place and what is no longer needed.  This might be a wardrobe clear-out or a complete bedroom overhaul; whatever the issue we can help to reintroduce a sense of order and calm.  

Kitchen - Often referred to as the hub of the house, kitchens frequently become a dumping ground for paperwork and general day-to-day mess.  We get asked to help sort out many kitchens by homeowners who have lost the battle of keeping everything under control and struggle finding a clear space on a work surface or in a cupboard. But we do more than just help tidy up and rediscover gleaming kitchen work surfaces. We introduce a system for keeping things in their designated place.  This way our clients can keep on top of the clutter long after we’ve gone.

Children's Chaos - Keeping on top of your kids’ chaos is tricky, particularly with young children.  Every time you tidy their room they mess it up again.  It’s the same with their clothes.  We helped this client to sort through her children’s belongings.  Clearing clothes, toys and books that the kids had simply outgrown.  We reduced the contents of the chest of drawers by over half and collated a huge pile of items that the client was glad to get rid of.  By doing this when the children were at school they weren’t able to hijack our efforts.  We took unused toys and old, outgrown clothes to charity shops and put several nicer items that the client no longer valued, on eBay.  We also saved items with sentimental attachment in a memory box.  This was something the client had been meaning to do but hadn’t got round to organising by themselves.  

If you feel overwhelmed by the chaos in your home and you don’t have the time, energy or motivation to sort through it, we can provide the inspiration you need. We love helping out!  Not only can we empathise with how you’re feeling, we can also apply our own tried and tested formula for working out what stays and what goes.  

We've given you just a few examples of some of the most common challenges that everyday life throws at us all. If you have a problem or a challenge that we haven't talked about here, chances are we've probably already helped out someone just like you. Stop stressing, give us a call and we can start to help you. Don't worry, we've seen and heard everything before. Nothing shocks us anymore!