Home Staging

We have all seen numerous programmes normally with Kirsty and Phil looking around in horror, at a property that is clearly not suitable or ready for a new family. Everyone is very attached to their property and naturally so, but if you are selling, it's vital that you start to look at it with a bit of detachment and in the eyes of a potential buyer. 

Home staging is the art of preparing a home for sale to get its maximum value in the property market. We can help achieve this by decluttering, cleaning and styling each room. Potential buyers make up their minds about your home within 60 seconds of being there. Making it into an attractive and welcoming home will ensure that it sells quickly and also for the best possible price.

Here is an example of some home staging that we completed for a client in South East London. We spent time de-cluttering and defining the rooms to create an impressive and very marketable family home. Many items were put into storage ready for the next property.  We also sold numerous items on eBay. 

With this client we had three estate agents come round whilst I was in the middle of staging it. The first valuation was £525,000, second was £600,000 and then the final valuation once I had finished was £640,00. In the end the house sold for £635,000 to the first person who viewed it!

Over the years we have helped so many clients stage their homes we have found it beneficial to produced a guide to help them, download your free Home Staging Guide with the link.

We are pretty awesome at what we do and we charge accordingly. We charge £45 per hour. For weekend, bank holiday bookings and any time after 6pm please add on £10 to each hourly rate.