Declutter Help London Residents Can Rely On

Declutter Your Home Starting Today!


Paperwork organisation – We can organise your filing to ensure that everything is methodical and old paperwork is discarded. We will also set up an annual date reminder with all of your vital renewals such as house insurance, parking permits and car MOTs. We can also help structure and work through your personal to-do lists and organise your finances to work out budgets and balances.

De-cluttering – We can declutter any room in your home.  We will help you to reassemble the space in a creative way, so it's aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

Home organisation – We can sort out any room and suggest different ways of utilising the space available ensuring that it works for you. 

Holiday searches – If you’re looking for a family holiday or weekend away and don’t want to spend hours trawling through the Internet, why not let us do the legwork for you?

House refurbishment - Whether you are planning an extension, or simply having a room decorated, we can help you to find a suitable tradesman. We will check their prices and availability and either provide you with the relevant details or meet them at your property to obtain quotes. If your working hours mean you are unable to manage the project, we can do this for you.

House moves – We can take the stress away from house moves by helping you de-clutter, pack and organise the removal team.  We can also help unpack, and structure each room to ensure that all of the spaces are used to their best advantage.  We can help save you money on removal and storage costs and minimise the exhaustion.

eBay – If  you have items that could be sold on eBay but don’t have the time or knowledge to sell them, let us take the hassle away. We will photograph, research, price and list, answer questions from buyers, as well as package and post your items for you.

Home staging – When you sell your property you want to achieve the highest number of viewings and ultimately sell it for as much as you can. To achieve this we can help stage your house both prior to estate agent valuations and then with the subsequent viewings.  We will de-clutter, advise on items that need to be bought, work that needs to be completed and define individual rooms to create an impressive and marketable home.

Wardrobe transformation - Do you have a wardrobe stuffed with unworn clothes and can't see the outfit you want to wear?  If so, we can help you organise all your items into those you want to keep and those you no longer have a need for.  We can help with storing and displaying your clothes so that your wardrobe is not only beautiful but functional. We can then take any items you no longer need and either sell them on eBay or take them to charity for you. With this cash you can then, for example, buy a key piece of clothing that you've realised was missing from your wardrobe. 

We provide a range of services tailored to both the home and business environment. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.  We are always keen to take on new challenges, just call us to discuss your requirements.

We charge £45 per hour; any additional costs such as postage, travel, eBay fees, telephone calls and car parking will be charged at cost. We offer 4 hours at a reduced rate of £160. All work carried out is payable on completion by cash, BACS or cheque. Please Organise Me is covered by Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance.