Rachel-Elizabeth Mitchell (professional organiser)

Rachel - Founder & Director

After obtaining her BA in Graphic Design she worked as a PA and office manager in a creative studio for 13 years. During this time she was constantly challenged with tight deadlines and had pressure put on her to achieve the seemingly impossible.  As a result she is creative, dynamic and flipping organised!  She confidently brings to every job masses of energy, motivation and inspiration. She also has a natural artistic ability to see the potential of any room.

Bundy (professional organiser)

Bundy - Professional Organiser

Before having her two children she worked as an occupational therapist for South West London and St George's NHS Trust. She feels that it is a natural progression for her to now help people in an organising capacity. She's upbeat, friendly, loves problem solving and helping people to define and achieve their goals. She firmly believes in the therapeutic value that decluttering has on a person's life.


Jessica - Professional Organiser

Having successfully completed her BA in English Literature, she went on to work in corporate PA roles before taking on a Project Management position within a boutique residential design and build company. Having always worked with people on a one to one level within their homes, her skills focus on an ability to organise and create effective management systems, actualising concepts, timeline management and logistics. You can book her in to see how awesome she is and find out what this actually means!

clare.png (office management)

Clare - Office Manager

Not many people know but we have a Doctor of Science helping us with the day to day running of the business. She is experienced in patent analysis, pharmaceutical data and copy editing. Phew! These skills have now been transferred to Please Organise Me's office. She's calm, methodical and just what the company needs to help grow and expand. 

geraldine.png (organiser and administrator)

Geraldine - PA

Geraldine has worked with us for over two years now and has been a fabulous addition to the team. She is extremely versatile and diligent.  She's awesome around the office and gets stuck into everything, from researching and pricing up our numerous projects to conquering insurmountable piles of paperwork. She's a self starter and a great problem solver.  It seems that Geraldine is a dab hand at most things. Her past jobs range from: office worker, costume designer, voice coach, catering manager, actor and director. Wow!

Nicky (events and marketing)

Nicky - Content & Marketing Manager

She's the one who keeps us all up to date with the latest trends, gossip and stories of what's going on. She's our own unique version of Grazia Magazine meets google search! She worked for over 25 years in the film and TV industry, starting in light entertainment and ending up on major Hollywood films before becoming a full time mother.

Her passion is finding and telling stories. It's this talent and her sense of humour that keeps us all laughing and in the know here at our head quarters!