Helping your business

With over 50 years combined Office Management experience in demanding, fast paced environments, there's always someone in the Please Organise Me team that can come up with a quick, creative solution to your business needs. No job is too small, too big or too challenging.

"Rachel goes beyond the obvious to create solutions. She is persistent and determined to create satisfaction." Nigel Hughes - Director of Leadership, Maynard Leigh Associates

Our business skills CV doesn't just hum, it rocks! With experience in Sage, Bright and Xero accounting, we make those painful, sleepless nights (just before your tax returns or monthly expenses are due) disappear. One business owner came to us a bit overwhelmed after their company suddenly expanded. We transformed a backlog of invoices, receipts, purchase orders and quotes into a manageable account package so the directors could see exactly how the growth of the business was progressing.

To put it simply - we do business well. Give us a call with whatever is proving more challenging than it should be in your office. We'll take the hassle out of it and have you playing air guitar with joy before you know it!