Business Services

Rachel has worked ridiculously hard helping set up and maintain various parts of the business. She manages the marketing campaigns, maintains the CRM system and also oversees the finance side. Knowing I have Rachel alleviates a lot of stress - I really couldn't do it without her! Kelly Fysh - Rare Bird

Please Organise Me have taken a great weight off my mind by sifting through around 12 months worth of expenses accrued across my two businesses, getting them into order, and transforming them from a pile of stress inducing pieces of paper into money in my pocket. They have now created a clear structure for me so that I am never behind. I can spend my energies on other, slightly more productive things - they have been a truly great help, and have actually made getting organised quite fun, if that were possible! Marc - SilverHub Media

Rachel has been a great help in organising and decluttering my home office, which now is a more attractive and efficient space in which to work. She's a natural for order - a virtue most of us creative types do not have. Every time she's been around I have seen great results, and I have had the satisfaction of taking a couple of large boxes to charity or recycling. She has even posted and sold stuff on eBay for me! Brilliant! Eliud Gabriel Porras  - SE23

Rachel worked at Three Blind Mice for a period of 13 years. During that time she went from being our humble receptionist to being our Office Manager and an invaluable and crucial member of the Studio team. Rachel was responsible for cajoling the management team to a semblance of organisation alongside helping to set up and run our CRM system, organising all meetings, looking after all the supplies and organisation of the myriad of suppliers that kept the studio running and running most of our social and client events. She's a powerhouse of organisation with a brilliantly persuasive manner who can cut through the clutter of disorganised thought to arrive at simple and effective solutions to most problems at all times. She ran the show here brilliantly which enabled the rest of us creative types to get on with our daily pontificating and dreaming whilst she sorted out all the stuff that mattered. Chris Page - Three Blind Mice

Please Organise Me are relaxed, flexible, have a great sense of fun, and are a pleasure to know. They have helped me to de-clutter and get better organised in both my office and my home. They manage to strike the right balance between supporting and cajoling, helping to break down what can seem like a mammoth job into manageable tasks, and maintain momentum that leads to quick results.  Highly recommended. Sally Kneeshaw - Kneeshaw Consulting