Property Management

Rachel has taken care of our house for over a year now, and we've always had complete confidence in her. Trustworthy, efficient, responsive, tactful and sensible - she's everything you could ask for in a Property Manager. Martin Parker - SE24

Rachel is doing an amazing job managing our property and keeps me posted when needed.  She is an efficient coordinator and always ensures she gets the best quote.  I simply don't know what I would do without her.  The service she provides for us and our tenants is great as everyone profits from her quick solutions to problems. Anna Harrison - Dubai

A house move slap bang in the middle of an insanely busy period at work...any potential helping hands amongst friends or family otherwise disposed....GREAT.... I'd already fallen off the roof trying to break in so I could open a front door with dodgy locks to the cable guy.... That's when Rachel came - literally and metaphorically - to my rescue.  Everything - and I mean everything - that was complicated or time consuming about the move was calmly, cheerfully, seamlessly and efficiently taken off my hapless hands and into her own, extremely capable, ones. Whether it was the endless local authority bureaucracy, contracting the best value utilities, getting the locks fixed or simply queueing up for those all important parking permits, Rachel delivered on cue and on budget. But it wasn't just the heavy lifting (and yes she would have happily done that too had I asked....) it was the little touches....the organic cheeses and wine in the fridge knowing I'd be half starved on my first night and would otherwise resort to a large doner and chips with a tinny, the card welcoming me into my new home, the phone calls and texts checking I hadn't fallen off the roof again. You don't just hire some help with Rachel, you make a friend.... Neil Thompson - SE5

Please Organise Me are a very reliable and efficient property manager. They are responsive and get any issues sorted quickly and without fuss. They also manages the house finances both effectively and professionally. I would very much recommend them to anyone in need of some order in their lives! Emily Evans - SE24

Thank you Please Organise Me for helping with my house move.  Your help meant I was able to sell quite a few things that would otherwise have been given/thrown away and your advice and research helped me to get good prices.  It was also great to find a buyer for a whole antique dinner service that had been cluttering my loft for years.  All with no fuss and easy to fit in around a hectic schedule. Cathy Pitt – SE11

Rachel has been managing our property for the past year and has been doing an awesome job! She is a complete professional who keeps us up to date with proceedings at all times. She also has a vast array of highly skilled tradesmen that love working for her. Highly recommended - we all see her as the peace keeper of property management. Always helpful, very responsive and extremely charming. Bobby Arjomand - SE24

I discovered Please Organise Me having looked online for a while. From the offset, they have been very professional, communicative and punctual.  We have a property portfolio and lots of paperwork which Please Organise Me have organised very well. I will be seeing them quite a lot in the future as their help has been invaluable. I can HIGHLY recommend their services without hesitation.  D Murray - SE1