We offer a bespoke professional organising & decluttering service for busy people & businesses in London. 

Professional home & business organisers in London

We have a confession to make - we love the jobs you hate! Yes, those irritating, mundane and overwhelming jobs at work or at home that never seem to go away, actually give us a bit of a buzz. We understand the pressure of juggling everyday life and it's our job to alleviate your stress.

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Professional home organisers in UK

What is a Professional Organiser? A Professional Organiser works with clients to declutter and organise living and work areas to create a stress free environment.  A professional organiser also works with their client to help educate on ways to keep their home or workplace organised, clutter free and stress free.  Professional Organisers do more than just cleaning up; they show people that organisation is a lifestyle and that keeping your home and work environment clutter free doesn’t have to be a tedious task – it can be done!

Do you need the services of a Home Organiser? You may be a busy parent trying to juggle work, social life and family time. A homeowner that is about to move house. A business owner that is struggling to keep on top of their admin and bookkeeping or you just simply don’t have the motivation or energy to tackle the mess. If so, the Professional Organisers at Please Organise Me can help you out.

Who works for Please Organise Me? Please Organise Me is made up of a talented and experienced team of Professional Declutterers and Organisers who have backgrounds in Personal Assistance, Office Management and Content and Marketing Management. We have a true passion for helping people out and our main aim is to keep your life clutter free, which will in turn keep your mind stress free. The team at Please Organise Me put your needs first, our decluttering and organisation services are always tailored towards you and your lifestyle.

What are your home organising services? Our professional organisers are not only experts at freeing your space from clutter, but they also have tons of organisation techniques and tips that you can easily implement.  Advice from our team will help you to prioritise your tasks and belongings, to reveal a healthy and stress free way of life.

Some of our home organisation services include:

  • Home decluttering

  • Paperwork organisation

  • Home staging and house moves

  • Home refurbishment

  • Wardrobe organisation

At Please Organise Me, our services are not limited to just decluttering. Whatever you need help with organising, we will be happy to lend a hand. Not only do we help homeowners, we also facilitate our services to businesses. Our additional services include Personal Assistance, Event Management and Business Administration and Management.