Transform Your Home

I thoroughly enjoyed Please Organise Me's transformational visit.  Just a couple of hours of the teams time and my life runs more smoothly. They tackled and overcame chaotic laundry, out of date filing and an arts and crafts activities shelf. I am now convinced it is well worth doing this on an annual basis. I heartily recommend this innovative service. Annabel Elton - SE24

Rachel's style impressed me greatly: she is engaging, funny, creative and most importantly well disciplined in the art of decluttering. She worked quickly to transform my messy desk and work area, with brilliant suggestions for making it 'feel' and look right with interesting picture frames, lamps and coordinating accessories. I would gladly recommend Rachel's brilliant services to anyone in need of support to get a working and creative area in your home or office better utilised. Delberth Hemley - SE24

Rachel spent the afternoon de-cluttering my bedroom.  She was extremely professional throughout and it felt like spending the afternoon with a friend rather than a stern professional.  She left me with a beautifully organised wardrobe for the first time in years and I know I can find shoes easily.  Highly recommend working with her.  Jonathan Simpson - NW1

Rachel really did organise me. Her unflappable efficiency and good humour made the process of selling my old baby stuff and the contents of the loft a breeze. We moved house with significantly less clutter and yet with some extra cash for the things we'd sold. I think Rachel was worth her very reasonable fee; I'd have never got round to being that organised without her. Isabel Dupey - SE24

I was lucky enough to discover Rachel, and it changed my life... I was in the midst of extreme stress on a personal level and also looking for a place to live. Basically everything in my life was pretty messy. Rachel calmed with her 'can do ' attitude and with a fun sense of humour that lifted the heaviness of my distress. In an hour of de-cluttering my belongings, Rachel had done what may have taken me 7 hours. Rachel also formatted case study forms that I'd been struggling with for weeks on end. If you want anything done fast, efficiently and thoroughly and needed it yesterday ...its Rachel to the rescue! Annaliza Thomson - SW16

Please Organise Me is wonderfully flexible and efficient, ready to take on any work, be it emptying a storage container, organising books, ordering stationary on-line or dealing with computer problems.  They are extremely fast - and cheerful with it. Gunilla Willis – SE24

I asked Rachel to help me sort out my children's room one morning; she did such a wonderful job I asked her to sort out downstairs and upstairs too.  Working with Rachel is great fun.  She is thoughtful and immensely creative.  I never imagined sorting out my old rubbish could be so enjoyable.  Highly highly recommended. Sara Bredemear - SE24

Please Organise Me are a life-savers! Their organisational skills and eye for detail have saved me time and money, and took away the stress!  Their calm competent manner helped me get control of my life and sort out my family's living space without feeling bossed around. They work with you to create a more efficient and pleasant home environment -  with a lot less clutter! Susannah Hopkins - SE24

Rachel has been a godsend - helping me to whittle down my clothes and books and stuff and re-organise them, and providing energy and strength to support me to tackle the task. Her upbeat, joyful attitude made it all easy and I didn't have to get rid of anything I didn't want to! I thoroughly recommend her. Jasmine Peri - Bromley

Our spare room was uninviting and full of clutter; sorting it out with Please Organise Me were fun and fast and the results have endured. They took away some things that we no longer needed to charity shops and for recycling, and sold a couple of items on eBay; the service they provide is efficient and good value. Highly recommended to people busy at work or with children, or those feeling daunted by a task and needing some support. Claire - SE27

I contacted Rachel feeling very nervous about having to have some help with de-cluttering but she put me at ease as soon as I spoke to her and once we had made an arrangement I felt much more positive. Rachel helped me work through the room pretty effortlessly and efficiently so I was really pleased with what we managed to get done. There were two things I really appreciated about working with Rachel: firstly, who would have thought it was possible but she was able to make it fun, which really helped me to keep going; secondly, she took control of many bags headed for the charity shop - this had a huge impact on my feeling of relief that we had got rid of loads of stuff, in contrast to my usual habit of sorting loads of bags but never getting them there and tripping over them instead. I found it so helpful and enjoyable to work with Rachel and will certainly be using her again. Erica W - Croydon

Please Organise Me were great; they helped me clear my very full spare room out in an afternoon so I could turn it into an office and studio. They were punctual, persistent and organised and gently persuaded me to clear the junk! Seema Manchanda - N1

I was genuinely worried that, when she saw my house, Rachel would shake her head in pity, turn and leave. I was halfway through packing everything up in advance of major building work, and I'd got to that stage where everything was everywhere and I wanted to cry. Totally unphased, Rachel took control, devised a strategy and implemented it. By the end of the day about ten bin-loads of stuff were in her car, to be dispatched to the charity shop or the dump. Everything else was in labelled boxes. And I was positively serene.  As well as being an expert organiser, Rachel is also fabulous company. We had a real laugh. I shall definitely be employing her services again - once the house is finished. Tamsin Growney - SE24

Thank you Rachel for helping me to blow away some cobwebs and for giving me renewed energy. Your enthusiasm is infectious, what shall we do next? Lydia Farrin - SW16

Rachel recently helped me 'do' Ebay for the first time - something I've resisted for years out of terror and boredom.  She made it all so easy and possible and now I've made my first sale and feel like I can do it FINALLY on my own. She is supremely efficient, reliable and most importantly fun.  She never patronises (although she must feel she is with someone from another planet with me) and is just a joy to be with. I wish I could employ her full time as I know she would make a big impact on my disorganised life.  I plan to use her again without doubt.  In case I haven't made myself clear - SHE'S BRILLIANT! Candida Gubbins - SE24

I had an hour with Please Organise Me for a whistle stop tour of everything I needed to know in order to sell on Ebay.  It was a 'learning while doing' experience and, before I left her house, they made sure I had my first item up for sale.  I made over £100 the first time I did it alone, and having been up clearing the loft, I am about to embark on a second round. It was a confidence-boosting kick start and just what I needed. Thanks Please Organise Me. Catherine McLean - SE24

I’m ecstatic that I employed Rachel.  She has a natural eye for what looks good and where things should go. Now there is a place for everything and I can find what I need in seconds. Rachel works hard and has an unique combination of being very professional, very sympathetic and very fun. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Please Organise Me and will be using Rachel again. Jonathan – SE24

Before Please Organise Me's visit, my shelves were a mess: everything muddled and inaccessible. After just one hour we had worked together to clear the junk and put everything in a designated area. I am really grateful and the shelves are still in order! Fran Voss - SE24

Rachel was fantastic when my cat was taken ill whilst I was on holiday. With our flight not due back until the next day we were very worried that he would not make it. Rachel was able to pick up keys collect the cat and take him to the vets.  She also arranged for the bill to be put on account for my return. Carole Martin – SE4